Guide about Bumping: What is it and Antibumping locks

Guide about Bumping: What is it and Antibumping locks

Who has no heard talk about bumping in news? Bumping is a simple and effective method robbery, it’s using by thiefs during last decade. This method has going progressed, allowing to improve his efficacy.

According to security studies, 9 out to 10 locks can be open by Bumping method.

What is bumping?

Bummping is a robbery method that it try open the door without homeowner key and without the need to force security lock. In advanced it appears  perfect but, How they do it?

Bumping method is insert inside lock cylinder a manipulated key and hit it with the purpose of doing “be wobbly” cylinder moorings. When thief hits manipulated key, this opens security door. Bumping skill makes in one minute.

Bumping key. Key method.

Bumping key is the key that introduce inside security lock for to be hit. This key is a special key that fit together in the majority of security locks and only with a blow (normally  with a hummer)  opens the door.

 It’s esay find this key, on Internet you have videos that explain how make it and where you can buy it.

The riskiness of the tecnique.

Bumping origins is in locksmith work, he uses this tecnique legally and at request of homeowners.

At present it’s a robbery tecnique more dangerous for homeowners and security systems. Normally, profesionals thiefs use complicated tools by force security locks and penetrate through more advanced systems.

How avoid opening of our home: Antibumping lock

Can we do homeowners for struggle against this dangerous tecnique? Are there any method 100% effective?

First of all, a lock and a security door could be more or less vulnerable to bumping depending on cylinder form the door.  On market there are a lot of quality of cylinders what offer to a greater or lesser resistance to this tecnique.

Our best advice as security professionals, if you want for your home the security cylinder system is install a armored door with antibumping cylinder guaranteed by manufacter. This kind of cylinder is not 100% infalible but it guarantee that his opening  by bumping tecnique  is going to be more difficult for thief.

We offer you an antibumping high quality cylinder and armored door. Both of them guarantee that thief is going to suffer when he wants open your door.


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