Car Keys

Car Keys

We can make copy of almost car keys from market.  We have equipment for make key copy  and chip for start. We can copy classic keys, with remote key-fob, Renault cards and insertable keys as Mercedes, Bmw,  Passat, etc.

Transponder is a kind of mechanism using in telecoms.

Equipments that do this function are:

  • Receipt, amplification and reissue in a different band from a signal. This kind of transponder are using in spacial connection in order to arrange the signal from entering/outgoing satellite to equipments frequency in baseband.

  • Automatic answer of a message to reception from a particular question signal. this transponders are using , commonly, in aeronautic in pseudo-radar system.

In automotive, transponder is mechanism using for a key identification or approval, for immovilizer vehicle system, through radio-frequency signals, it doesn’t use batteries, directly it feed on antenna that there is in vehicle contact.

Transponder are made of electronic circuit equipped with a antenna and internal memory, where it writes a code. This code can be read it or rewrite withot having to mechanical or electric contact.


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